Spectrum Engraving

Part Marking

At Spectrum Industrial Engraving, we specialize in engraving and part marking. We offer a wide selection of engraving techniques and work hard to find the technique that is right for your application.

Engraved AeroSpace Part - Part Marking FAA
Engraved Aerospace Part

Laser Marking

At Spectrum Engraving, we have the whole “spectrum” of laser engraving. Yes, that was a pun, but the truth is that we have both CO2 lasers as well as Fiber Lasers. This gives us the ability to mark and engrave on a wide range of materials. We routinely engrave on stainless steel, brass, aluminum, steel, magnesium, cast iron, stone, teflon, wood, leather, and the list goes on. In short, if it is a hard surface, we can put a permanent mark on it.

Galvo Lasers

We have both Galvo and Carriage Lasers. The galvo allows for rapid part marking and short cycle time enabling us to mark your parts fast. This great for engraving serial number, engraving part numbers, and putting logos on parts.

Carriage Lasers

Our Carriage Lasers are great for large parts with our largest able to accommodate parts as large as 32″x 18″ without modification. *Lager parts can be engraved, but jigs and custom fixtures may be required.*┬áThese lasers lack the blistering speed of a Galvo driven laser, but more than make up for it in their ability to accommodate and engrave large parts or nested parts.

Rotational Axis

At Spectrum Industrial Engraving We know that parts come in all shapes, that’s why we have equipped four of our laser engravers with